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DJ Duran Flint (my son & producer) and I are working on new projects. Together we are Flint Productions, “Mohawk Nation Radio” is an overall title for studio work, social media memes, possible webcast or podcast. RED TOMAHAWK will be the name of the project title, album or band.

I have been producing poetry media since the 1980s-90s, first on cassette tape while a program director at Mohawk Nation Radio (CKON 97.3 FM). I produced more tapes when I fronted an NDN Punk Funk Groove Performance Band called TRIBAL DADA that played in Santa Fe NM in the 1990s. In 1991 we were known as “Fran Loretto & Tribal Dada”, the lead singer invited me to join as she had been fronting (& playing flute) for Indian jam bands in Santa Fe. Multiple performances are still available on cassette tapes. The final band lineup produced a CD in 1998 with 17 tracks, +SKIN PUNK FUNK+ that is still available. I hope to remix this package plus band members & accomplices are always open to a reunion.

GOT YOUR BACK – Collaborative Spoken Word & Music project w Mohawk poet Janet Marie Rogers, DJs Silver Fox Jordan, madeskimo, DJ Jesse and Ostwelve. DJ Duran Flint produced my tracks and one for Ms Rogers. 17 tracks. 2011-2012 OJISTAH PUBLISHING. Our collaborative effort helped us to win the first LOFT Multicultural Spoken Word Award from LOFT Minneapolis, 2013.

My initial collection on CD was in 2005, “Dr. X – the Mohawk Poet of Tribal Dada”, a collection of poems with music or sound effects, SFX that I had collected or produced. My son, DJ Duran Flint Jacobs took over the role of producer and musician, replacing my SFX with samples, beats & mixes. We started producing these spoken word & music projects in 2006, “Power To The Peephole” by Dr. X and DJ Duran Flint, and 2007 “Wolves & Lambs, for Love”. A couple years later, DJ Duran Flint remixed the “Best Of” these two collections into a third CD. All these are under our label Flint Productions based at the St. Regis Mohawk Nation. Tribal Dada retained the original 1992 copyrights; Flint Productions took over in 2006 with new tracks and new sounds even if some retained the original words.

WOLVES & LAMBS FOR LOVE. 2nd project where I asked for erotic, sensual, esoteric beats and then matched the lyrics of love, romance & erotica. 18 tracks.

In 2009, I was invited to participate in a big project from Dixie Frog Music in France. “REZERVATION BLUES +MORE” is a 3 CD package with 48 songs by 33 Native Artists, 48 page booklet & embedded videos. Our track “INDIAN LIST” was included. “INDIAN LIST” has been one of my feature pieces since the 1992 commission to research the 500th Columbus Quincentenary as part of Institute of American Indian Arts Museum Director, Rick Hill’s “Cycles of Prejudice: 500 Years of American Indian Stereotypes”. It has been performed many times in many venues and commissioned to be added to theatrical plays and video projects.

POWER TO THE PEEPHOLE – Homeland Security 9/11 Orwell 1984 references, 1990’s Tribal Dada lyrics, longer narrative poetry, slam poetry, and DJ instrumental breaks. Our 1st project, DJ Flint had my lyrics and words and sent me mixes and beats that he thought matched them, sometimes offering 2 or 3 beats per song. We kept listening & matching til we had 17 tracks. Some vocal tracks recorded at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC and several vocal tracks at Thunder Road Studio in upstate NY.

PORTFOLIO OF MUSIC BASED IMAGES, fabric collage artwork. DJ & Rappers.

Jelly Roll Morton, fabric collage.

Donald Byrd Band, fabric collage, jazz images inspired by collage artist, Romare Bearden.

ROBERT JOHNSON, fabric collage commission, for COWGIRLS BAR & RESTAURANT, SANTA FE NM.

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